TEI 003: Innovation Lessons-Learned Creating StudioPress–Test Feasibility, Identify Trends, and More – with Copyblogger Product Officer Brian Gardner

Innovation Discussion with Brian Gardner

Brian Gardner is the founder of StudioPress, creator of the Genesis Framework and Themes for Wordpress, and Chief Product Officer at Copyblogger, the company that teaches business owners how to do online marketing that works. He is an ideal example of a product innovator and business creator.  Brian … [Continue reading...]

TEI 002: The Product Manager’s Two Most Powerful Questions: Ask “What Else” and “Why” for Understanding Users – with Industrial Designer Darshan Rane


Welcome to my first “Everyday Innovator” discussion with a product development professional. For my inaugural interview, I had the pleasure of discussing product development with industrial designer, Darshan Rane, who creates prosthetics for Otto Bock Healthcare.  He enjoys creating products that … [Continue reading...]